The Process of Getting A Quote from An EMS Provider

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Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) decide to outsource their manufacturing to an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS). An EMS provider can broaden the manufacturing process as they have access to a more extensive range of suppliers.

Hence, many OEMs search for EMS providers to get an initial quote from them and decide which one they’ll go with. However, getting a quote from an EMS provider is more complex than you might think, so here’s a detailed guide to help you with the process.

You Need to Give an EMS Provider Relevant Information First

When you contact an EMS provider to outsource your manufacturing, you need to provide them with certain information, so they can give you an accurate quote.

An EMS provider needs to have these details to calculate material handling costs, profit margins, and labor charges before they give you a rough estimate for price per unit.

Some of the information you need to provide an EMS provider includes:

  • Telling them how much of your logistics, test, and assembly you want to outsource.
  • What kind of raw materials will be required to build the product.
  • How long the assembly of the product will take.
  • How much time will be needed for testing and packing.
  • How many products will you need over the coming year.
  • The location where the products will be shipped.
  • Whether there are any time constraints for the manufacturing process.
  • The number of products you can realistically sign up for.

You need to have all this information ready before you approach an EMS provider. Be sure to provide them with as much accurate information about your product as possible to get a fair quote.

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Complications That Can Arise from Inaccurate Information

You need to carefully note all the details you will give to an EMS provider before they can provide you an initial quote. If you’re not open or honest with the provider or accidentally provide them with inaccurate information, it can lead to unnecessary delays and stress.

For example, if the list of materials you provide to an EMS provider is incomplete, missing items in the build process could lead to low-quality products or faulty equipment. This would complicate the manufacturing process and cause delays in getting the product in the hands of the customers. These complications will also add to your costs and cut into the profits you earn from the sale of your finished product.

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