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Connect and Work with Reliable EMS Providers

As an OEM, finding quality and reliable EMS providers can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Find an EMS, however, aims to change that.

Find an EMS is a one-stop platform that’s specifically designed and built to connect OEMs such as yourself with EMS providers under one umbrella. All you need to do is sign up on our platform as an OEM, post your EMS requirements, and have EMS providers reach out to you. Find an EMS contains a mobile-friendly EMS dashboard that allows EMS providers to browse through OEMs and projects that meet their requirements and connect with them.

Find an EMS values your privacy and security, which is why we ensure that only EMS providers can view your EMS requirements, not other OEMs. You can also view which EMS providers viewed your project, contact information, attachments, or saved your project. Find an EMS is also completely free: zero commission or charges.

For many OEM providers the biggest problem they faced in product manufacturing is finding a reliable and relevant EMS provider. Previously, most OEMs would rely on personal contacts or cold calling to partner up with EMS suppliers. Now, with the help of Find an EMS, connecting with a potential manufacturing partner has never been easier.

OEMs can market themselves as OEM leads on the platform, and create a profile that highlights their project, their plans for their product, and their requirements from an EMS provider. Once the profile is created, OEMs will show up on the OEM provider search for their EMS counterparts.

How to Get Started

1. Sign up as an OEM

2. Post your Project

3. Have interested EMS providers reach out to you


Search Engine for
EMS providers

Your project will be posted for EMS providers to see.

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Privacy & Security

Be seen by EMS providers only, other OEMs won’t see your posting.

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See which EMS provider viewed your project, attachment, contact info or saved your project.

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No fee.
No commission.
No cost at all.

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Answer 10 Simple Questions

We’ve created 10 questions that are commonly asked by EMS providers in order to qualify an OEM.

The EMS Dashboard

The EMS dashboard is where the EMS providers will see your project, posted along with the other OEMs.

Project Details

This is where the EMS providers can see additional information about your project.

Connect, Share, or Save

Your contact information will be displayed for the EMS provider to see.
If you decided to remain anonymous, the EMS provider would be asked to provide their contact info.

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