Are you an EMS provider looking to
partner with an OEM?

Search through postings of OEMs who are trying to Find an EMS.
If their product looks like a good manufacturing fit for your company, reach out to them directly.
All postings are done by the OEM’s themselves.

Make Partnering with an OEM Simple

If you’re an EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) provider who’s looking to partner with an OEM, you’ll be familiar with the tiresome and time-consuming process. However, by leveraging the right tools, you can simplify and speed up the process tenfold.

Find an EMS is a one-stop platform that’s specifically designed and built to connect EMS providers with OEMs. Our mobile-friendly platform contains a cutting-edge EMS dashboard and search engine for EMS providers that allows you to browse through OEMs and projects that meet your requirements. Connect with OEMs that interest you and contact them using our platform. All OEM postings have auto-delete dates, ensuring you always view OEMs that are up-to-date and are actively searching for EMS providers.

Find an EMS, connecting OEMs and EMS providers.

A great many EMS providers will have a hard time finding new OEM leads to partner up with and take on new projects. EMS service providers often have to wait to be approached by an OEM or use their contacts to find new potential partners. The Find an EMS platform makes this process easier for EMS suppliers by providing a list of OEM leads to browse through.

EMS suppliers can create a profile highlighting their specialties, the industries they are willing to work with, and the contract manufacturing services they offer. Once the profiles are made, EMS providers can browse through OEM listing and reach out to projects they would want to be an EMS partner on.

How to Get Started

1. Sign up as an EMS

2. Search through Projects posted by OEMs

3. Qualify Your Lead


Search Engine for
EMS providers

Qualify OEMs based on 10 commonly asked questions by EMS providers.

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Designed for mobile use so you can search for qualified leads anytime and anywhere.

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No Cold Calling
or Spamming

Target qualified leads, and only reach out to those who match your requirements.

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Posting are
always current

All postings have a auto delete date, so you’ll always see OEMs that are actively searching for a partner.

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10 Simple Questions

We’ve asked OEMs to answer 10 questions that are commonly asked by EMS providers in order to qualify an OEM as a potential partner.

The EMS Dashboard

Here’s where you can see all the projects. Use the Search and Filter features to narrow down your leads.

Project Details

See additional details of the OEM’s project, including any attachments.

Connect, Share, or Save

Connect directly with the OEM’s.
If they decided to remain anonymous, you can send them an invite to connect.

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