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After an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) decides to outsource their manufacturing to an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS), the EMS providers usually assigns them an account manager who handles their project and ensures that the outsourcing process goes smoothly.

The account manager is the go-to person for an OEM and answers any questions or concerns they might have. Today, we’ll talk about what happens after an OEM selects an EMS partner.

Building the Supply Chain

After you’ve provided all the relevant information and data to your account manager about your product, the next step is to set up the supply chain. In this step, you need to decide if you’ll continue to use your current suppliers or if you trust your EMS provider to handle this part of manufacturing on their own.

If you want to have more free time available, you should consider giving over control of the supply chain to your EMS provider. However, if you feel more comfortable using your own suppliers, you need to buy materials from them and freely issue them to your EMS partner so they can manufacture your product.

Another option is to nominate your chosen suppliers to your EMS provider so they can directly coordinate with them to order materials as needed. The EMS provider needs to inspect each material based on their own standards. Each electrical component needs to undergo a cosmetic and dimensional inspection. The electro-mechanical parts also need to be compared to their drawings to ensure every material is as expected.

Making Build Packs

An EMS provider can use the data and information you provided during the initial quote to develop a build pack. A comprehensive build pack helps ensure there is no missing information and all data present for the manufacturing is up-to-date and correct.

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The NPI Process and Testing

The New Product Introduction or NPI process helps assure an OEM that their EMS provider is capable of manufacturing high-quality products. After the EMS partner delivers the new products, they need to be tested so that no faulty product can reach the customer.

You can either allow your EMS provider to do the testing, or you can do it in-house to maintain control. You should discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both options with your EMS partner to make the right decision.

Logistics and Reviews

The final steps include considering the logistics for the products and securing business reviews. You must openly discuss with your EMS provider who will send the final product to the customers and how you will receive a formal business review of your product, so it gains traction in the market.

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