How to Facilitate a Smooth and Streamlined Partnership Between OEMs and EMS Providers

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Partnerships between manufacturing services and EMS providers have changed over the last few decades. A successful collaboration now needs to be more efficient and prepared for any possible obstacle that can get in the way. Read on as we discuss ways to start a successful partnership between EMS providers and OEMs.

Match Your Requirements

The first thing any OEM or EMS provider needs to make sure of when they look for a product manufacturing partnership is that the potentially partnering company aims to work on a similar project. The standard checks that most OEMs and EMS providers will conduct are cross-checking the sectors or industries of the potential partners and discussing details regarding the price and product being created.

Steps that should be taken beyond this include deeper discussions on what the supply chain management will look like. Don’t save any surprises for later, rather discuss who will handle the various parts of the supply chain, including the raw material acquirement, product testing, and shipping. OEMs should take care to be clear about their expectations from the EMS providers, and the EMS team should be clear on what they can realistically offer the OEMs.

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Create a Partnership

Previously OEMs and EMS providers would have strict roles about what they would be doing in the partnership. Now, as more and more companies aim to provide holistic services, OEM and EMS partnerships are more of a collaboration.

With design engineers on both ends, the product design can be created using expertise from either side of the partnership. While OEMs usually have an original design planned out for their product, EMS providers can help provide feedback on the blueprints or initial mockups instead of figuring out problems with the design at a later time. Product design can be completed faster and with fewer reworks with both parties collaborating on them. This also helps create something that can be manufactured efficiently, reduce lead time, and reduce overall project costs for both parties.

Figure Out the Finer Details

One of the biggest reasons delays occur in achieving manufacturing deadlines is changes in plans, either due to changed designs or due to raw material shortages. It’s essential for EMS providers and OEMs to plan for this.

Many design engineers will create parts or product designs based on their existing knowledge of what works. To ensure none of the materials become obsolete or unavailable, OEMs should offer a list of other potential materials that can be used in their place. EMS providers should cross-check the availability of the products from multiple sources throughout the production timelines.

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