How to Create a Pitch for a Manufacturing Partnership

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Presenting a new concept to a potential manufacturer partner or an EMS provider can be intimidating. However, you need a perfect pitch to convince the contract manufacturer to work with you due to the numerous benefits the partnership will bring in your product development. When presenting an idea to a manufacturer, it is essential to construct your pitch in a way that fosters mutual benefit. Here’s how you can create the perfect pitch for a long-lasting partnership.

Proper Analogy

In creating a perfect pitch, you need to master the art of understanding the business situation. Once understood, you need to carefully relay your message with timing, craftiness, and the perfect analogy. Think about the specifics of the product as your potential manufacturing partner will be more interested in your unique needs and requirements than your overall business overview.

Tailor Your Pitch

Even though most EMS contract manufacturers are similar and provide identical services, it is crucial to tailor your pitch according to the type of company you’re dealing with. Even though you’d be pitching the same requirements to every manufacturer, it is crucial to mix it up. You don’t want to sound as if you’ve memorized from a paper. Variation and improvisation are crucial to delivering an effective pitch.

Understand Manufacturers’ Needs

To deliver the perfect pitch, you need to understand the motives and needs of the manufacturer. They’re more interested in how your product will benefit their business. Manufacturers aren’t interested in how your product looks and how it will fly off shelves; they are concerned about actual results.

Establish Clear Expectations

As an OEM, your pitch needs to have clear expectations, needs, and requirements from the manufacturer. The last thing your potential partner would want is for you to sugarcoat things. You’d need to establish a clear line of communication, product requirements, prototyping process, turnaround, and lead times.

Manufacturers’ need a clear plan and vision to determine whether they can carry out the project. They will decide upon the price and turnaround time according to what you pitch to them. Presenting the wrong things will only be detrimental to your project.

a man pitching an idea to EMS providers.

Be Ready to Deal with Questions

Manufacturers’ will ask tough questions regarding your product; therefore, you need to be prepared and have sufficient knowledge of your product. If they feel that you don’t understand what you require, they wouldn’t want to work with you. Prepare ahead and list the potential questions that they can ask before your pitch. Devise a plan to answer these questions in the best possible way. The more confident you’re about your product, the better you’ll be able to answer any technical questions.

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