How to Attract EMS Providers to Your Project

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Many OEM leads are stuck at a point where their products can be moved to mass production and launch, but they don’t have the necessary network to find a reliable EMS supplier. To help OEMs stuck without a partner, this blog discusses strategies to attract more EMS providers.

Connect With Good Fits Only

The most annoying thing about establishing a new partnership with an EMS provider is realizing you aren’t a good fit after the discussions have already occurred. This can be frustrating for both the OEM and the EMS supplier as it can waste time and require both to restart their search for a partner.

Some of the things you should look out for when trying to connect with an EMS provider include; their company’s location, the industry and sectors they are experts in, and the technological capabilities they can offer.

While you won’t always receive this information until the first meeting, you can usually look these things up. However, having a clear discussion on expectations right at the start can help prevent this problem from popping up later.

Have a Detailed Plan Ready

An OEM can attract EMS providers to be fully prepared, with a marketing and launch plan, regarding the product being discussed. Make sure you have a mini-sales pitch for your product, the foreseeable costs written down, and all raw material requirements settled.

Even if you don’t have all the necessary data or are planning on letting the EMS supplier fill in some of the blanks in the supply chain and design, preparing as much information as possible helps. It shows you’re dedicated and will have a working strategy for the project.

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Use the Find an EMS Platform

To attract more EMS providers, you need to be visible to more EMS providers. Normally, you’ll have a hard time reaching out to other companies through cold calls and emails. However, with the Find an EMS platform, you can easily access larger pools of EMS providers all across the county.

If you’re an OEM provider looking to increase your chances of finding a good EMS partner, then we are your best bet! Our platform keeps adding new North American OEMs and EMS providers every day. You’ll be able to find the perfect match for your project!

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