5 Things You Need to Prepare for a New Product Introduction

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As an OEM, launching a new product into the market can be a daunting prospect. You’d be worried about the demand, production, and ultimately the success of your new product. However, you’d need to plan and prepare for your new product launch. Adequate preparation can reduce some stress, as a launch can be hectic. If you don’t plan well, then there are chances that your launch could go south!

Here are some things you need to prepare for before introducing a new product.


Timing is a crucial factor in a new product introduction. You don’t want to introduce your product at a time when demand is low. The prime example of timing could be seen during the ongoing pandemic. When COVID-19 hit, industries across the globe halted production, businesses were shut, and the whole economy came to a standstill. Introducing a new product at such a time would have been catastrophic. Moreover, as an OEM, you’d need to be more careful about the timing.


You’d also need to get your pricing strategy right while preparing for a new product introduction. You’d need to conduct a market analysis to determine the demand and competition for your new product. Furthermore, your pricing strategy needs to be aligned with your goals. If you want a greater market share, then you’d need to adjust your prices accordingly.

Product Name

You’d need to have the right product name to gather the attention of your clientele. Don’t have a cringy or cumbersome name that is hard to pronounce, and it can put off individuals and businesses from buying your product. Furthermore, it shouldn’t sound like an existing product, as people think your product doesn’t have a unique identity. A good name can have a lasting impression on your customers.


You might have the best product in the world, but you wouldn’t be able to spread the word if you don’t have the right marketing channels to promote your product. There are a variety of avenues you can pursue to market your product to your target audience. Digital marketing is gaining ground on traditional means of marketing, and it is essential to understand the behavior of your clientele to use the correct marketing technique.

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Flexibility & Patience

As an OEM, you can’t expect your product to fly off shelves straight away. Businesses will buy small quantities to try and test whether it fulfills their requirements or not. Be flexible in changing your strategies when you find that a particular method is not yielding results. Moreover, you’d need to change your marketing techniques as circumstances and personal preferences change.

As an OEM, EMS providers play an important role in the success of your new product. Partnership with a reliable EMS supplier helps OEMs create a successful product and maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals. EMS plays a crucial role in converting the ideologies of OEMs into reality. Selecting the right EMS supplier at the right time can be the difference between a successful product launch and a complete failure.

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