3 Ways Industries Can Facilitate Their Product’s Manufacturing

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Today, many electronic contract manufacturing services use the latest technologies and techniques to facilitate product manufacturing.

This blog discusses some innovative ways through which industries can speed up the product manufacturing process and improve the quality of their products.

1- Cobots

The concept of using robots in manufacturing processes is nothing new, but robots’ use in industries has increased in the past few years. With technological advancements and the use of automation in every sector, industries can now benefit from Collaborative robots or cobots.

In a survey in 2021, around 44.9% percent of industrial manufacturers said that using robots in the manufacturing process is an integral part of their production cycle. Out of these 44.9% companies, around 34.9% have started using cobots. Manufacturers realize the limitation of robots and traditional automation, encouraging them to move to cobots. Another benefit of using cobots is that they’re affordable, unlike automated robots that are expensive with little to no flexibility.

Furthermore, the motive behind robots was to replace human labor, but cobots work alongside humans and don’t negatively impact job opportunities. They are also easier to implement than traditional robots and can automate one process at a time, allowing manufacturers to scale them up to match manufacturing needs. Therefore, manufacturers can get better ROI (return on investment) with cobots instead of robots.

2- IoT Sensors

Another innovative technology that has helped product manufacturers everywhere is IoT sensors. Many people use IoT sensors to create innovative devices for customers, but IoT devices have more benefits than that. Probably, the biggest benefit of IoT sensors is predictive maintenance. According to a research report recently, the predictive maintenance characteristic of IoT sensors allows manufacturing companies to reduce maintenance costs by twenty-five percent.

This happens because IoT sensors improve the traditional maintenance process, resulting in fewer breakdowns and a lower repair time. According to reports, this has led to 70% fewer machinery breakdowns in industries. However, predictive maintenance isn’t the only feature of IoT sensors in the industry. Manufacturers in all domains can use IoT sensors to collect various data points during operations. They can further use this data to deduce areas that require improvement and optimize the overall operations.

3- Machine Vision

Artificial Intelligence has changed industrial operations, but one of the biggest benefits of AI is using machine vision for error detection. Through machine vision systems, manufacturers can automate quality control at all stages in product manufacturing. This automated quality control can improve the efficiency and accuracy of detecting errors and solving them.

An IoT sensor chip in an EMS facility

Without innovative technologies, the electronic manufacturing industry can’t create high-quality products. At Find An EMS, we allow OEM providers to partner with EMS providers that use new electronic contract manufacturing technologies in the product manufacturing process.

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