3 Services an EMS Provider Offers

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EMS providers can do more than setting up PCB assembly manufacturing lines and creating PCBs for an OEM. An EMS provider can speed up your processes, save costs, acquire resources, and help you break into new and unfamiliar markets.

Today’s blog will discuss the various benefits of partnering with an EMS supplier that most people overlook.

Easier Market Entry

With the help of contract manufacturing organizations, you will find easier entries into your target market if your EMS provider has experience within those sectors. Most EMS providers tend to specialize their services to a few industries and sectors. Even those without a specific specialization tend to have a list of available industries they work in. The higher quality products an EMS supplier can help you create will be better received, further improving your chances of cementing your place in your target market.

Sped Up Manufacturing Timelines

Depending on your partnership, you may outsource part of the production or outsource complete product creation to the EMS provider. The EMS companies taking on your project will be able to speed up processes and production. The increased speed offers more time to test, tweak, and launch the product.

When considering various EMS partners, a necessary conversation is whether they can meet the expected deadlines for your product’s launch. The right EMS provider will shorten delivery times and speed up the plans for the new product introduction.

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Resource & Cost Management

The major benefit any EMS provider can offer an OEM is helping save costs on overall product production. As most EMS providers are properly set up to run multiple production lines and assemblies simultaneously, an OEM can avoid acquiring all the machinery and labor required to mass-produce their product.

While some may focus on the costs of receiving the service, it is cheaper than the alternative of setting up the assembly yourself. With the EMS providers, you only pay for the service and none of the setup costs.

If you’re looking for EMS providers to partner up with but have trouble getting in touch with different EMS manufacturing companies, then consider creating a profile on Find an EMS. Our online platform serves as a place that facilitates OEM and EMS provider partnering. You can sign up, create a profile and begin discussing terms with interested EMS suppliersContact us to get started!

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