3 Emerging Aerospace Technologies

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The aerospace industry has been developing at a breakneck pace for decades. Ever since the first successful flight by the Wright Brothers, the aerospace industry world has obsessively tried to improve machines that enable human beings to fly.

With the industry generating a revenue of nearly $700bn despite the pandemic, you must always be aware of new technology to stay competitive. Check out the latest aerospace technologies enabled through the work of researchers, developers, aerospace manufacturers, and electronics assembly service providers:

1. Zero-Emission Aircrafts

With the world very aware of the impact fuel usage has on the environment, there has been a lot of interest from OEM’s for aircraft that can be operated with as little fuel as possible. Thanks to extensive research, several organizations have announced plans for aircraft with zero-fuel usage.

Several high-profile organizations are already planning use-cases for the technology. The necessary partnerships must be made well in advance because aerospace manufacturing services often face high demand, and parts supply is limited.

2. Self-Monitoring Aircrafts

While aircrafts are one of the safest way to travel, accidents that do happen tend to be catastrophic. The majority of these accidents occur due to poor maintenance or easily-avoidable human errors.

With the latest research led by NASA, aerospace manufacturers will produce machines that can evaluate themselves and ensure that any catastrophic failure is avoided. Since the project started in 2007, it has made significant headway.

Implementation of Blockchain

One of the common trends in the aerospace industry is the introduction of processes that can automate processes and reduce human error. With blockchain technology, EMS manufacturers can improve the quality of aircraft and service both.

Blockchain can help reduce contact between suppliers and accurately track all the parts of an aircraft. This will remove inefficiencies of the system and help stakeholders make important decisions, such as how many spare parts they need or what kind of arrangements must be made for a specific aircraft.

Through its shared ledger, the blockchain will also enable more accurate tracking of passenger points, providing them with local currency tokens that will help improve customer loyalty and service quality. Over 86% of aerospace companies were planning to integrate blockchain in 2021.

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