3 Critical Mistakes You Should Avoid as an EMS Provider

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EMS suppliers are a necessary part of the mass production of products available to the general public. Their manufacturing processes and equipment help put countless products in shops and supermarkets for consumers to enjoy. However, even large EMS providers do have failures and errors occurring in their production lines. Today, we will discuss some of the more common failures that can occur and how they can be addressed or planned for in the future.

Inadequate Equipment Maintenance Checks

Surprisingly, a big problem in the manufacturing industry is pushing the limits of equipment beyond its capacity. While it doesn’t make much conventional sense to do so, closing deadlines or human error does lead to equipment and parts not receiving their required maintenance.

Manufacturing equipment has limits to its functions, after which it needs to be rested or replaced. Going over those hard limits can cause problems for the production line and cause breakdowns. For EMS providers, knowing exactly what these limits are and how to work within these limits efficiently is necessary to prevent delays, loss of profits, and expensive repairs or replacements for the equipment. Regular maintenance checks and fixed shifts for equipment will help it last longer and avoid unforeseen breakdowns.

No Back Ups Planned

Aside from your equipment, lots can end up going wrong when attempting to mass-produce products before a deadline. Things from system breakdowns, unexpected troubleshooting, or employees becoming unwell or unable to work on specific projects can all cause delays in production.

EMS providers need to actively plan the inclusion of redundancies in case they’re actually needed in production lines. This can mean having more employees ready, having spare parts, ordering extra raw materials, or running parallel production lines. Ensuring smooth production requires the processes to keep running until deadlines are reached.

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Production Processing Errors

Processing errors can occur in several different ways. For some EMS companies, a non-standardized process can lead to wastage and product losses over time. For other, improper training of staff can lead to processing errors in production. While human error does play a part despite training and standardized processes, having these steps in place can significantly reduce errors.

One of the best ways to combat these issues is to have pre-made checklists placed near or distributed to employees working on a specific process. Pair this up with initial training and regular refreshers to reduce the number of mistakes made by employees.

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