Why Digitizing Your OEM Partnerships is Beneficial to You

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When it comes to OEM and EMS provider partnering, one of the key struggles has to do with communication. Whether it’s miscommunication, not enough communication, or an overload of information, the problem can be quite damaging.

Moreover, today’s OEMs face a hyper-competitive market, which means success has a lot to do with how quickly one gets their products out in the market. This requires increasing speed throughout the supply chain, from conception to delivery.

Studies show that a communication gap between OEMs and EMS providers exists, and the need to improve communication and better sharing of information is required. Moreover, OEM and EMS partners need to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better.

By digitizing OEM-EMS partnerships, we reduce the room for miscommunication. Moreover, a study shows that about 65% of people learn visually. Therefore, we can make a compelling case for digitizing OEM-EMS partnerships as there are several perks, as discussed below:

Improved Productivity

Long gone are the days when OEMs would only outsource manufacturing. Today, OEMs and EMS providers collaborate during product design and development phases as well. Moreover, with OEMs increasingly leveraging EMS providers’ sourcing and buying power, their input during the design and development stages can be valuable.

By digitizing OEM-EMS partnerships, we can improve productivity drastically as less time is wasted repeatedly going over the technical specifications. Stakeholders communicate much better using visual resources, which ensures clear communication and thus improved productivity.

Improved Troubleshooting

Electronic manufacturing entails numerous processes, and as OEMs outsource more of these processes, the need for problem detection and troubleshooting increases. For instance, OEMs outsourcing electronics manufacturing on a contract basis may require electronics design services and PCB assembly services.

Electronics manufacturing requires visual communication

With the EMS providers taking on more and more OEM manufacturing, there’s room for early problem detection and resolution. EMS providers involved in the design and development, and prototyping can pinpoint issues that may arise.

With digitalized communication, keeping track of the project timeline becomes easier for both stakeholders. Teams collaborate much better and stay on top of things with a digital partnership instead of communicating over email. Moreover, troubleshooting takes place in real-time, which again is very hard to do over email.

Increased Speed to Market

As digital collaboration improves efficiency and smoothens workflow, decisions are made much faster, which reduces lag time. The lag time reduction means OEMs can get their products out to the market much quicker and gain a competitive advantage over rivals.

Find an EMS is a Digital Platform for OEM and EMS Provider Partnership

In conclusion, clear communication through a digital platform will ensure that the OEM and EMS provider are on the same page, contributing to increased productivity, improved troubleshooting, and increased speed to market.

We’ve designed Find an EMS to connect OEMs with suitable EMS providers conveniently and quickly. The platform is free of charge and is intuitive to use. It features a powerful search engine and a sleek digital dashboard for clear communication. Whether you’re an OEM or an EMS provider, sign up now, or get in touch with us for more information.

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