Why Can’t I Find a Reliable EMS Partner Online?

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Finding a reliable EMS supplier is generally tricky, but it can become a lot more complicated when you’re looking for a partner online in an unstructured manner. Many different details need to be ironed out between EMS providers and OEMs before a project can move forward, which becomes harder to achieve in informal online communication.

Despite this issue, finding an EMS provider online is arguably the best way to begin a partnership and provides more legitimate options than any other method of connection. To help you find an EMS supplier worth partnering up with, here’s a quick guide on some of the steps that can be taken to make searching online more fruitful.

Looking for a Partner Too Early

One of the biggest mistakes OEMs make when searching for an EMS partner is starting the search way too early. Outsourcing to an EMS company is a great cost-cutting method for OEMs, but it really shouldn’t be the first cost-cutting method followed.

OEMs should try and attempt to cut costs through design cycles to find the optimal product design, which saves as much cost as possible without lowering the quality of the product. Once the designs have been optimized, then moving towards an EMS will be more viable. Outsourcing your idea directly won’t help you find a suitable partner as most high-quality manufacturing services will require some level of base work completed before engaging a project.

Only Approaching Large Firms

Another major mistake many OEMs make when looking for someone to partner with is only connecting with tier 1 or tier 2 manufacturing services. While the thought process behind this may be to only work with high-quality partners, it’s not always the easiest thing to manage working with companies operating at a much bigger level than you.

Something you should take care of when looking for a partner is for you to be as significant to them as they are to you. While working with the largest EMS company in your industry sounds like a good idea, it won’t work out too well for you if your business isn’t worth their while. Find a company of a size that’s compatible with yours, and you will receive better services and more significance in their operations.

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Online Solution: Sign-Up for Find an EMS

Haphazardly looking online for a solution isn’t the best way to find an EMS partner either. One thing you should take care to do is formalize your search a bit. Going through random web pages or LinkedIn profiles to find EMS services worth working with won’t get you great results. In fact, it’s only a step above attempting random cold calls.

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