Saving Soft Costs by Working with A US-Based EMS Contract Manufacturer

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Many factors go into deciding who you should partner up with for electronics contract manufacturing, with two of the most important being distance and cost. Today, we’ll go over why local US-based manufacturers will be best for you, compared to overseas manufacturers.

Quality Assurance

When you’re choosing an electronics contract manufacturing service provider, you need to make sure that they can help you create high-quality components for your products so you, in turn, can produce high-quality products. The level at which the manufacturer operates is directly proportional to how well you do in the market.

Ensuring your electronics manufacturer can maintain a higher quality of work is easier when working with a local contract manufacturer than with one that’s overseas. You don’t have to worry about providing local resources yourself, as a US-based manufacturer should be able to access the same resources as you.

Improved Communications

With deadline-based work, you need to make sure that the people you have working with you can understand you. While English is very much a global language, especially in business, language barriers do still exist. Another country’s communication style, work hours, and cultural differences can all form a communication barrier, even if both parties speak the same language.

With a local contract manufacturer, you’ll automatically remove these barriers of communication, and you’ll be working at the same time as them, rather than needing to wait an entire day to receive a response to an email.

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Logistics and Shipments

A big reason for most local OEMs to opt for international manufacturing services providers is due to the lower cost at which they are available in some countries. While not discussing potential issues with product quality leading to lower prices, many OEMs fail to realize the hidden costs associated with overseas manufacturing.

The logistics of having large shipments moved across oceans is neither easy nor cheap. Delays with these shipments are also quite common. When working with a US-based provider, you get your products faster and at a much lower cost.

IF you’re looking for a US-based EMS provider, then one of your best bets is to simply go to our Find an EMS platform and sign up for the free networking service. We’ll connect you with a number of EMS service providers for PCB assembly services. Get in touch with us today to sign up.

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