How A Digital Dashboard Speeds Up OEM-EMS Relationships

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When it comes to the OEM EMS provider partnerships, the communication gaps are well documented. The problems caused by miscommunications between an OEM and their EMS partner can be numerous and impact the manufacturing, product quality, and time to market significantly.

However, when it comes to cases for the reshoring of EMS providers for OEMs, ease of communication is a common argument. Undeniably, ease of communication is vital in OEM-EMS relationships.

The Need For A Digital Platform for OEM-EMS Communication

When it comes to business networking, LinkedIn has been hugely successful. While some consider it a waste of time, proponents argue that using it correctly is a great way to make meaningful connections.

The need for a similar platform that is specifically designed for OEMs and EMS providers was clear. While EMS directories are common, they don’t allow the benefits of communicating in real-time. Clearly, a digital platform that connects OEMs and EMS partners can be helpful, and that’s where Find an EMS comes in!

The OEM Challenge – Finding the Right EMS Partner

One of the biggest struggles for OEMs is finding the right EMS partner, which remains a time-consuming and challenging process despite the technological developments.

When searching for an EMS partner, OEMs typically rely on directories to find EMS providers. However, Find an EMS is more like a social networking platform specifically for OEMs and EMS providers.

OEMs begin by posting their project details to the EMS dashboard. OEMs are then contacted by EMS providers, essentially providing a shortlist for OEMs to pick from.

The dashboard allows OEMs to post all the relevant project details such as product market, EMS services required (PCB assembly, cable and harness assembly, electronics design services), manufacturing mix, EMS tier, product stage, etc.

EMS Engineer working on sensors in prototype development

Furthermore, OEM posts are not visible to other OEMs and only to the EMS providers. Moreover, OEMs can choose to provide contact information or stay anonymous. The platform also offers OEMs features to see which EMS providers have viewed or saved their project.

EMS Providers – Digital Dashboard Solves Many Problems

The challenge for EMS providers to find suitable OEM projects is even trickier. Usually, EMS providers have to resort to cold calling or spamming to find suitable OEM projects. However, Find an EMS allows EMS providers to target qualified leads and current postings.

The dashboard allows EMS providers to look through OEM projects through the powerful search engine. Furthermore, the dashboard is mobile-friendly so that EMS providers can search for leads easily.

EMS providers can easily search for only the relevant projects that fit their requirements with the search and filter features. Once an EMS provider finds a suitable OEM project, they can reach out to the OEM directly and discuss a potential partnership.

In conclusion, Find an EMS makes OEM-EMS partnerships faster, easier, and much more convenient. Whether you’re an OEM or an EMS provider, you can sign up for free (no hidden charges or commissions) and take advantage of the platform.

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