A Guide to Aerospace Manufacturing Components

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The defense and aerospace industry is known to produce some of the most advanced and complex products of all time, such as aircrafts, engines, satellites, rockets, drones, and more.

The aerospace and defense industry was worth $416 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $550 billion at least by 2030. Since most parts produced and used for aerospace undergo high impact, stress, and temperature fluctuations, these parts should have an incredibly high tolerance. Let’s take a deeper look into the aerospace component manufacturing process.

What Technologies are Used?

The aerospace industry needs to stay up to date and use the latest and most innovative equipment to keep up with the increasing demands. While there are many technology options to help create high-quality aerospace parts, nothing beats CNC.

CNC Machining allows aerospace manufacturers to produce highly complex geometrical shapes with high complex geometrical shapes made using solid materials, such as composite plastics or metals. Some of these high-tech CNC technologies include:

3/4/5-Axis CNC Machining

A good aerospace components manufacturer must possess these technologies to create the finest components. We highly recommend using a 5-Axis CNC machine to make aerospace components with high tolerance.

A 5-Axis CNC machine can create complex geometrical shapes and forms on its own that otherwise might require multiple processes. You can save money, time, and resources with this all-in-one manufacturing unit.

CNC Swiss Precision

When it comes to tiny and complex parts, you need a machine with utmost precision to produce the finest result, such as the CNC Swiss Precision Machine. This rotates the part on 7+ axes to perform multiple processes simultaneously, such as deep drilling, slotting, threading, and hobbing.

Need an option that can offer your clients a quicker turnaround time? Then this is your answer.

CNC Milling Machine

If you want to make the most of your CNC milling machine, having a 3D CAD file will help with the machine’s code correctly. With this, you can create any design, from regular to tightly woven patterns and much more, by just programing it right.

Is CNC Machining for Everyone?

CNC machines are not limited to the aerospace industry as they can offer the same roles for other sectors. However, it is mandatory for an aerospace company since it eliminates the possibility of human errors to almost nothing. That’s because the entire process is digitized using a 3D CAD file, and requires minimum human input.

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Finding the Right CNC Machining Provider

If you’re sold on the idea and need the best CNC machining provider for your aerospace company, consider Find An EMS. We are a reliable platform that connects OEMs with EMS providers specializing in their industry sector, such as aviation. We can connect you with them all, from aerospace manufacturing service providers to assembly manufacturing services providers and embedded system design services providers.

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