3 Things to Consider Before Selecting a PCB Manufacturer

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The printed circuit board or PCB is the most important feature in its assembly with any electronic product. Many manufacturers provide PCB assembly services to help OEMs create their products. There are several considerations to have when choosing a PCB manufacturer, and we’re going to discuss some of the most important ones in this blog.

Expertise and Experience

One of the first things you’ll need to make sure of is that the PCB manufacturer you are approaching creates the products you need. There are different types of manufacturers for PCBs with specific specializations.

Some manufacturers are only fabricators for PCB parts and require you to assemble the components yourself. Others are fabricators and assemblers, who will send you a fully made product. Lastly, some manufacturers get all the necessary components for you, fabricate the PCBs, and assemble it all together. Make sure the PCB manufacturer you’re approaching can actually do the work you need them to.

PCB assembly service

Certifications & Quality Assurance

PCB failure rates are not standardized across the industry. PCB boards from one manufacturer may vary in quality from other manufacturers, and various providers have different failure rates. It’s best to speak with both the company you plan to work with and their past clients about any quality control measures they have in place. Knowing what to expect from the PCB manufacturer will help you make your decision.

You may also check out the certifications the PCB manufacturer has and if any of them relate to quality control, such as ISO certifications. These can usually be a pretty good indicator of how well a company does its job in terms of quality assurance.

Time and Cost

Having timelines in order is necessary for any production to succeed. Delays in production or unexpected downtimes will cost you more money and waste resources. Ask about the lead time you can expect from the PCB manufacturer and see if it fits your deadlines. Work with manufacturers that have an established reputation for on-time deliveries to ensure your project is a success.

Another consideration is where the PCB production may be located. While you might find local manufacturers to be more expensive, internationally located manufacturers may have longer lead times and more hidden costs, such as tariffs or transportation fees. Local manufacturers do come with the added benefit of faster supplies with no transportation costs and a chance to actually visit the production source.

As an OEM, your PCB assembly must be handled in a flawless way to ensure that your electronic devices work properly and are shelf-ready according to your timelines. With as crucial a piece of equipment as a PCB board, you shouldn’t take risks with who becomes your EMS partner. A simple solution to ensuring you have a great production partner is to sign up for our online social platform; Find an EMS. This service helps connect OEM leads and EMS providers according to their specific needs. Get in touch with us to register for the service.

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