3 Quality Assurance Processes Performed by An EMS Contract Manufacturer

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If you’re an OEM or a product designer looking to bring your idea for a product into reality, you’ll need to start working with an EMS contract manufacturer. To properly identify which EMS manufacturer is good for you, there are a couple of quality assurance processes you should look into. Read on as we discuss the most important quality assurance steps a contract manufacturer should be following.

Risk Management

Having a proper risk assessment and management plan is necessary to ensure that costs don’t rise unnecessarily and that the deadlines for the product development are met on time. For any EMS contract manufacturer, determining the risks in production and having a plan to minimize the risks and manage them beforehand is an essential part of getting the work done properly.

For anyone looking to work with an EMS provider, make sure they can create timelines for your project and give you a general rundown of how they manage various issues that are expected to come up in the production. This should be a standard part of the conversation before you have established a partnership.


Always check for the certifications that a contract manufacturer has. The certification acts less like a bonus benefit and more as a way to identify the qualifications that the manufacturer boasts. One of the most necessary certifications they should have is an electronics manufacturing certification.

This sort of certification is proof that the company you’re dealing with and trying to potentially partner up with meets the criteria expected of them in the industry. A lack of certification for the right sort of product manufacturing is a sign that the EMS provider cannot provide a guarantee of high-quality services.

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Top Engineers Onboard

With any product that needs to be designed and redesigned until a final polished version is made, you need a skilled engineer who can create these designs for you. Having great engineers is a necessary part of any EMS contract manufacturer. High-quality engineers add a lot of value to the product production process.

When choosing an EMS provider, ask about the engineers on board, their specialties and licenses, and what sort of experience they bring to the table when working on your project. Since they’ll directly be working on making your product, make sure you feel comfortable with the engineers before moving on.

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