3 Essential Documentation Items an EMS Contract Manufacturer Must Not Overlook

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For a partnership to work out between OEMs and EMS providers, communication must flow freely, and instructions provided must be followed through. A good partnership comes from the OEM providing ample information through their documentation packages, and EMS providers following through on it, or discussing the instructions to improve functionality. Today, we’ll look at some of the most commonly occurring miscommunications that happen due to overlooking important bits of information in the provided documentation.

Drawings & Mockups

The drawings and mockups are an essential part of OEMs’ instructions on how they need their product created, including schematics for printed circuit boards. The drawings and instructions are often a complete guide for the printed circuit board and cover everything from the dimensions of the circuit board to its thermal regulation system.

Overlooking the drawings can lead to incorrectly assembled or non-functional product designs. If you’re running an EMS manufacturing service, it’d be best to properly review drawings and schematics and discuss them with the OEM before moving ahead with creating mockups.

Quotes for Materials

When sharing documentation for an original product, OEMs will also share quotes or bills of the materials necessary to create the product. The bill provided will list the exact electronic components necessary for product creation. This covers all raw materials, secondary parts, and individual components required. The OEM’s responsibility here is to ensure the bill of materials is accurate, especially when it comes to price, and the EMS has to ensure that these details are properly followed to maintain product functionality and cost according to the OEMs vision.

Creating PCBs

Assembly Notes

Assembly notes can make or break the final result of the product. OEMs will normally state how they need the final product to look in great detail, including instructions on the assembly of each individual part. Being unable to follow through with those instructions, even if it’s a small change, will require all of the final mass-produced products to be redone. This will end up costing everyone involved their time, money, and resources. Ensuring the assembly notes have enough details is an integral part of providing the correct final product to your clients. An example of a minute change that can cost thousands is using the incorrect ink when labeling the printed circuit boards. Just to change the ink, all the printed circuit boards will need to be remade.

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