3 Common Mistakes OEMs Make During the Outsourcing Process

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If you are an OEM or product creator and looking to outsource mass manufacturing of your product to an EMS provider, then make sure you consider all your options before settling on a company to work with. Today, we’ll discuss common mistakes made when choosing an EMS service.

Choosing a Contract Manufacturer Too Quickly

One of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make as an original equipment manufacturer is to rush too quickly into the decision of who you want to represent you as a contract manufacturer. While we understand the excitement that comes with having designed something new and wanting to put it out as a fully-fledged product as soon as possible, it still isn’t something that should be rushed.

Understand your own needs before you move forward with choosing a partner for the production. Interview various manufacturers and check their benefits and disadvantages against each other. Try and land on the best possible option for yourself before you end up signing a contract.

Not Having Clear Goals and Deadlines

Once you enter into a contractual agreement, or even when you’re generally having discussions about what sort of partnership will be established, you need to make sure you are clear about what you expect from the relationship and how you plan to move forward. Not being clear enough about certain details, like how soon you want everything done, how much money you want to be invested, and what your goals for the product generally are, will set you up for failure.

The best way to ensure your ideas are understood is to create a list of all that you want to achieve and share it in writing with the manufacturers. You can discuss these things in a meeting; keep track of the meeting minutes to ensure all your goals and expectations are addressed by the end of the session.

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Settling for the Lowest Rates

Not just a problem in this industry but generally, with most people looking to do any sort of business, trying to get the lowest possible price for a service isn’t always the best option. While you meet with various manufacturers, your main concern shouldn’t be to find the cheapest one. While budgets are an important aspect of product creation outsourcing, they shouldn’t be the only thing driving the conversation. Check-in with the provided services and ask about the value received for the price paid. Also, generally check in with other clients to see what their experience may have been like with a particular manufacturer. Looking at the bigger picture can help you scale faster and help you reach your long-term goals rather than the immediate worry of money.

For OEMs looking for an EMS provider to work with, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process to connect with the right manufacturer. Try searching for an EMS partner through our networking platform, Find an EMS. We connect OEMs and EMS based on mutual interests and expertise. Contact our team to find out more.

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