3 Benefits of Using a State-of-the-Art EMS Dashboard

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Our online platform, Find an EMS, is changing the way North American EMS providers and OEMs are interacting with each other. Our website allows them to connect through their dedicated panels, where they can add their information and send each other invites to collaborate on a project.

One major feature of our platform is the way EMS providers can interact with their state-of-the-art dashboard. In today’s blog, we will be discussing the benefits of these details, including the ease of access they offer, the availability of information provided about OEMs, and how they generally make starting projects easier than was previously possible.

Access To Multitudes of Local OEMs

So right off the bat, the best thing about the EMS dashboard is that it essentially entirely cuts out the first part of beginning a project, which is to find people who might be interested in starting a manufacturing project and have an original product design or idea ready.

The EMS dashboard offers users the ability to sign in and start browsing through a list of different OEMs interested in finding an EMS and have a product and plan ready for the partnership. The dashboard lists down all OEM options in North America to help EMS providers find someone local to work with, making it easier to start the project and follow through on it.

In-Depth Project Details Available for Review

Once you have browsed through the list of OEMs that are available and have found a few that seem interesting, you can then go on and check out their details, how far along they are in their project, what industry they belong to, and what their requirements and expectations are from an EMS provider.

Not only is this an extremely convenient process, but it also eliminates the discussions of the initial meetings that used to be necessary to understand more about the project. The OEMs can add as much detail as they would like about their product, and EMS providers can read through these details to ensure the OEM is a good fit for them. This dashboard feature helps save time in projects that go through and prevents the wastage of time in projects that never had a chance of going through.

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Avoid Inefficient Methods of Connection

The dashboard on our platform has changed how manufacturing services are now interacting with one another. Without the dashboard, EMS providers would scout or cold call OEMs either through professional connections or through meet and greets. The panel has changed how OEMs and EMS providers are now interacting with each other. With the process now being easier and more accessible.

If you’re looking to join our platform on Find an EMS, contact us to set up your account today! You can go through our OEMs provider search to find OEM leads to work with. This is the perfect platform for all OEM and EMS providers partnering.

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