Find the Right EMS Provider for Your Products with These 4 Tips

With hundreds of EMS providers operating in the United States, finding the right supplier for your company can be difficult. If your company has experience with outsourcing electronic manufacturing, you probably have a fair understanding of what can be expected, however, every EMS provider is different and their services differ as well.
Here are some tips that will help you find the right EMS provider for your business:


While it’s easy to find a service that provides printed circuit assemblies, it’s essential to research a service that’s suitable for your requirements. It’s advised to look for EMS providers that deliver a complete range of outsourcing services, even if your company doesn’t yet require them. This makes it easier to expand your outsourcing when the time is right.

The location of the EMS provider

While the location of your EMS provider seems irrelevant, it’s important to consider the implications of their location when they are further away. The further away the factory is located, the longer it takes to deliver end products; delivery issues can also become more complex due to the distance.

Due to COVID-19, supply chain bottlenecks have been created and have led to strained relationships with OEMs and a loss of business for OEMs too. The pandemic has made businesses realize the importance of having vendors nearby.

Supply chain management

The ideal EMS provider has a steady supply chain in place, coupled with the financial stability to provide the services you require. Without these two aspects, there’s a risk the outsourcing project could fail. When shortlisting EMS providers, this is an area to particularly focus on.

EMS provider’s product quality

Quality is non-negotiable when deciding on an EMS provider. While all EMS providers will boast great quality, it’s essential to do your own research on the quality of products supplied. Look into the quality metrics used by the provider. Historical trends are also vital in determining whether their claims are true. Historical trends also depict whether or not the business has improved their services in the form of increased sales/ partnerships.

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